Elizabeth Kemp, Associate Artistic Director - The Actors Studio
(Lifetime Member of The Actor's Studio)

"Endless will, energy, and talent!! Imagination, inspiration, and generosity of spirit!! A gift to the art!!"

David Frank, Professor of Movement Studies - Actors Studio Drama School

"The focus and physicality of an athlete, the heart and soul of a poet."

Susan Main, Designated Linklater Voice Coach

"Michael is the real deal.  He is curious, passionate, willing, daring and generous.  He is a truth-seeker and an exciting actor to work with."

Jacqueline Knapp, Co-Associate Artistic Director - The Actors Studio
(Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio)

"Michael has a beautiful, deep and very open instrument.  His enthusiasm, sincerity, and commitment to the work is exemplary."

Michael Billingsley, Head of Movement Studies - Actors Studio Drama School
(Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio)

"Michael Crowe is the total package. His good looks will get him work, but his talent and discipline will get him a career. Watch out for this guy."

Craig Ferre, Director (Cash on Delivery, Into the Woods, Tartuffe)
(Voice and Speech Trainers Association--Former Board Member)

"Young men like Michael do not come along very often. Michael is a mature, well-adjusted young man who exudes confidence and maturity on stage. I have had the opportunity to direct Michael in four productions--All My Sons, Twelfth Night, Once In A Lifetime, and Joyful Noise. He is the model actor and it was a delight to have him in the cast of each show. He is always prepared, on time, and ready to work.  He is a good citizen with his fellow actors and he wins their respect and trust.  In rehearsal he works hard, and in the process develops interesting and appropriate characterizations. He is personable, polite, respectful, and good-humored. I have enjoyed the opportunities to know and work with Michael, and would do so in any future endeavor. I have every confidence that he will be an asset to whatever he undertakes, and that you will find working with him to be as enjoyable as i have."

Ken Urso, Director (Gay Camp, The House of Murgatroyd)
(SDC Associate, ART Artstic Associate)

"Michael searches for truth and honesty in every moment when he is onstage. He is impulsive, insightful, and a true collaborator making him a joy to work with."

Brian Rhinehart, Director (Butoh Medea, Wonder Of The World)
(SDC Associate, AEA)

"Michael Crowe is an extremely gifted and dedicated performer. Working with him is always a pleasure."

Chris Triebel, Director (Boys' Life, Rule of Nines)
(NY Fringe Festival, Actors Studio Drama School

"An actor of the finest caliber.  He doesn't just rely on his talent, but uses his mind as well.  He is a smart actor, one who thinks through his part, which can be a rare quality.  Working with him is always a pleasure. The attitude he creates in rehearsals relaxes all of the actors and enables everyone to bring out their best work. Working with him automatically takes your production to another level."