Acting Reel
Basketball skills highlight reel.
(Co-Star) Michael, as “Uniformed Officer”, interrupts Detective McFadden (Akintola Jiboyewa) during his interrogation of a suspect. (ID DISCOVERY, “I Am Homicide: The Long Night“).
(Guest Star) Michael (as “Lt. Col. William H. Rankin”) collects himself after plummeting to the ground having just survived being tossed around inside a storm cloud for more than 40 minutes. (TRAVEL, “Mysteries At The Museum: Riding Thunder, Warm Springs, and Catcher Spy”).
(Spokesperson) Island Acura – “Legend of Steve” Commercial
An employee of Regions Bank (Michael) tries to make it home in time to catch the big game!
Featured alongside actress/model, Maya DeBruce in #Storyforward commercial for DHD Films.
Featured alongside Aichi Ono – The World’s Fastest Head Spinner – on an episode of NatGeo’s “Humanly Impossible.”
What keeps Aichi Ono from getting extremely sick when he spins on his head over 130 times per minute?
Featured in dance/electronic artist, Lain Trzaska’s (she) “Insomnia” Music Video alongside actresses, Crista Johnson Kane and Christina Rosse.
Featured in Gospel artist Sandra Huff’s “Where Eagles Fly” Music Video with actress/model, Chrystal Bethell. Song available for download on iTunes.
Michael’s audition tape for admission into The Actors Studio Drama School MFA Acting Program in New York City – the only MFA theater program officially sanctioned by The Actors StudioJames Lipton serves as the Dean Emeritus of The Actors Studio Drama School. Ellen BurstynHarvey Keitel, and Al Pacino serve as co-Presidents of The Actors Studio.
After a Snack Pack challenge ensues behind the scenes with the crew on the set of Ink Master, Michael takes on 3 other crew members to see who can consume the most Snack Pack’s in 3 minutes to be crowned the Pudding Master!
The Pudding Master competition was judged by Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez, and Oliver Peck.